5 Traps You Need To Avoid To Overcome Anxiety

What I need you to get first off, and before I go any further, is that you need to believe that you CAN overcome anxiety if you commit to it, get the right support and take MASSIVE ACTION!!

And now that we got that out of the way let me get deeper into some things that so many anxious people get trapped by.

Here’s what I mean…

Stop doing what other anxious people say and do.

Instead, be aware of what is holding you back from living the life you feel you deserve

This is important because…

If you don’t take your time to understand what is holding you back, give it some thought, and make some little changes, you’ll probably wake up 10 years from now, realizing that your life hasn’t changed a bit.

I made the same mistakes too, until I discovered what I needed to stop doing, and I’d like you to save yourself that time of trial and error.

So if you’re suffering from anxiety, please don’t ignore the easy-to-miss traps I’m about to share.

Trap # 1 — Excuses

Most people get caught making excuses and blaming the world around them for why they can’t overcome anxiety. Yet once you get to leave that terrible feeling behind, you’ll realize how much not having it done sooner was your responsibility.

Trap # 2 — Listen To The Advice Of Other Anxious People

If you listen to the advice of unqualified people, it will be hard for you to overcome anxiety. Worse even, you will probably lose faith in your ability to heal and eventually give up trying.

Trap # 3 — Constantly Talking About The Story You Created About Your Past

The more you speak about the story you have told yourself for years about why you can’t overcome anxiety, the stronger that story will become, making it impossible for you to break through it.

As the saying goes… change your story, change your life.

Trap # 4 — Numbing Yourself By…

Binging on Netflix, endlessly scrolling through social media, comfort eating, addictions and denial will not give you the life you want. And it gets worse… the longer you keep doing this, the harder it will get to let go.

Trap # 5 — Being Ok For Not Being Ok

Being ok for feeling a little off for a short period is 100% cool.

It’s not cool when you make that saying a way of life because the only thing it will do for you is take away the last bit of courage and drive you need to find the joy in life and start doing the things that matter to you with the people you love.

Now, was this post a little harsh?

I know, I could have just done what most do and told you what you want to hear, deflecting every bit of responsibility you might have for being where you are in your life and blaming the world and everyone in it for the way you feel.

I am not taking away anything from what might have happened to you. I just want to make sure that if you had no say back when those things happened, you do today.

I used to blame everything and everyone for the misery in my life until I nearly committed suicide inside my garage in 2010.

Unfortunately, I understood a little late that blaming others or situations will not give you the life you dream of living.

I wished I had a wake-up call like this come my way so I could have started to take my life into my own hands rather than nearly give up on it.

All I want to do is jolt and inspire upon you to take responsibility for your own rescue and happiness.

And even though healing our past and the anxiety that comes from it could feel super hard, it isn’t when you have the right support and know where to start.

I suffered from anxiety for 40 years, and if I was able to heal without therapy and drugs, so can you.

I trust in you 100%!!

So, what’s next from here?

Let me give you a few steps you can take to get a little clearer on what is going on and find the resourcefulness you need to take one step forward towards a brighter life and the life you deserve.

  1. Sit down with a cup of your favorite beverage (non-alcoholic preferable :-) ) and write down which of the 5 traps you fell for.
  2. Then write down what falling into that trap has done to you and what it will do if you don’t free yourself from that trap now.
  3. Lastly, write down how you could replace the negative habits you used with more positive routines to help yourself start to overcome anxiety once and for all and live a happier life.

Need more?

Here it is… Join the Life Artist Mastery FB Group for daily tips and tricks on overcoming anxiety and living a fulfilled and inspiring life…today!!



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