5 Steps That Help You Let Go

Consider Life After

A great way to let go of something and move on is to consider what your life will be like after you let go. Focusing on the example of moving on from a recent breakup, consider what your life will be like after them. Now you can spend more time with your friends. You’llYou’ll have more time to spend on yourself.

You won’t have to watch those boring movies or listen to the dumb songs they would pick out. A lot of your time, space, and energy are freed up. You might still be sad that you are no longer together with them, but you have things to look forward to after they are gone. You can let go of them and move on because you can consider and envision life after them.

Review The Positives And Negatives Of What You’reYou’re Holding Onto

Sometimes, it can be hard to see why we should let go of something. This is often because we are too close to the issue. A great way to gain some perspective is to review the pros and cons. For example, everything tells you that you should stop seeing the person you’re dating. Your friends and your family aren’t fans, and you find that you’re starting to agree.

But should you really?

A good way to see if you should really let go is to contemplate it. Is the person you are dating bad for you or good for you?

What are their negative traits? What are their positive traits?

You can make this list in your head, but you will be able to see the results much more clearly on paper or on a screen. If the negatives start to stack up, this is a good indicator that it is really time to let go.

Find An Accountability Buddy

One really great way to help you let go is to have an accountability buddy. When we are the only ones that know what’s happening, it can be hard to hold ourselves accountable. Keeping ourselves off our ex’s Instagram is a lot harder when we know that no one will ask if we stayed off it or not.

Having someone who can check in with us and who knows what we are working on letting go of can be very helpful and improve the chance that we are successful.

Set Goals and Milestones

When letting go of something, it can be helpful to set goals and milestones. Some examples of possible milestones are keeping track of how many times you thought about that thing. Or were you able to not do a particular action?

You could set goals to have fully let go or moved on by a certain date. Physically writing down a date that you have set as your goal can help you make an effort to let go of that thing and move on. When you don’t have any goals, nothing stops you from grabbing back onto that thing you are trying to let go of.

Reward Yourself

The best way to let go of something is to give yourself a reward for doing so. You let go of something? Now you can treat yourself to something you love. You can also reward yourself for reaching different goals and milestones along your journey of letting go.

When you give yourself positives to look forward to, it is easier not to look back. You never want to let yourself dwell too long on what you are letting go of. Instead, focus on the future, its benefits, your friends who are holding you accountable, and your goals and rewards along the way.

Which of the 5 steps will you start using to let go of something that isn’t serving you anymore? Let me know here…

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