Don’t Believe A Word They Say — They Are Lying To You

Do you know what annoys me the most?

It’s like they want to make you believe that you are not normal or that you’re broken and need some sort of special treatment.

Trust me, I have heard all of this BS too during my journey through anxiety.

It made me always feel like there was something wrong with me, even though it wasn’t.

Therapy, CBT, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, regression, yoga, meditation, do this, do that, try this, don’t do that… a constant and never-ending

list of shyt you should do to get rid of a feeling there to show you that something needs attention in your life.

And then there is me… and I don’t see overcoming anxiety as something negative at all.

I see the process as a self-discovery journey.

One that, if you allow yourself to go on, will change your life forever.

And today, I got this incredible email from a new client I have been called to serve and just had our first session yesterday.

This beautiful soul, who had anxiety holding her back for the past 5 years, was able to slowly get her life back and start enjoying the things she once did… WITHOUT fear.

And this is the email that I received after our first session…

“Thank you, last night I had a full night’s sleep, and today I went out and took the garbage bin to the street and went on 4 busses without any problem and talked to everyone without fear. I’m so happy and excited too. Thank you again.”

One session is all it took!!

• No screaming in a pillow…

• No talking for hours and hours…

• No twisting your body like a pretzel

• No sitting in meditation trying to fight off your thoughts and feeling like a failure…

• No hypnotherapy to make you feel like you have to forget a part of yourself…

• No regressions into past lives instead of addressing the life you are actually living…

None of that… just understanding WHY what is going on IS going on and giving the person their power back.

I just wanted to share another win inside the Life Artist Mastery Mentorship Academy with you.

Sure, just the beginning, although I can’t wait to see where it will take us from here with a beginning like this. :-)

Question for you…

What is holding you back from living the life of your dreams? What if I could help you overcome what is holding you back so that you can start living your life doing what you love with the people you love? Reach out to me here and let’s see how I can best help you.

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