Enough With The Bullshit!!

Rodolfo De Angeli
3 min readFeb 4, 2021


I know we are living in crazy times, and I know that for some it’s hard to imagine how it will be on the other side. And I also know that most would like the world to be as it was…

But if we focus on what we don’t have right now, it’s not gonna help us go forward. Unfortunately, some things might never be like they used to be.

Some are in lockdown right now in various parts of the world. We were in lockdown for 4 months, nearly six months ago, here in Melbourne, Australia, and we have been locked down yet again. It sucks, I agree.

But if we focus on that, if we focus on what we don’t have right now, we’re going to struggle, we’re going to find it pointless to move forward.

But what about if we tried to find what‘s’ still available for us? What if we set a goal and prepared for the next chapter of our life? There is still a myriad of things that we can prepare for.

So what can you start doing, today? What can you focus on doing, today? What can you get excited about doing when this is over?

Stop focusing on the things that are not available to you, or you will lose hope.

Focus on what you can do… today. Focus on what you can do right now!

Set a goal that will give you the drive on why the fuck you MUST get up every morning, why you need to take care of yourself, why you need to. be nice to your loved ones, and why you MUST eat and still exercise even if it feels pointless.

There is a life in front of us.

And I imagine that some of you might say, “Well, you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.”

I have suffered depression and anxiety for 30 years. I attempted suicide in 2010, nearly hanging off a rope. So I know how dark life can get. But I also understood that I was focusing on the things I didn’t have anymore.

I ended up focusing on the things that I had no control over. But we do have control over our lives, and this world needs us to control our lives and not get disempowered.

This is important because together, we will make it through this. Together we will bring the change the world needs more than ever. But for that to happen, we MUST set goals for ourselves.

It might sound all like fucking fluff. But I’m super passionate about this because there are young people behind us. They’re looking for leadership, for guidance. And if we crumble, who the fuck is going to look after those kids?

We are the leaders of this world. We are the ones that will rise and shine, and the next generation will speak about.

I hear of people who are giving up left, right, and center right now. Mental illness and suicide are at a record high. People are alone, lost their jobs, lost their loved ones, and are quite hoping it will all go away instead of opening up and connecting with someone that could empower them and help them find the way out.

Instead of giving up, this world needs us to connect with each other and step the fuck up and go through the pain, go through the adversity and look for something that really matters, something that we need to stand for. Something bigger than us!

It’s not always going to stay like that. It can’t stay like this, right?

But it will if we give up!

We have to make the change! We have to step up! We have to stand for something!

So, what is the NEW GOAL you will set for yourself today?

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Rodolfo De Angeli

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