Understanding The Link Between Healthy Emotions and a Strong Psychology

Rodolfo De Angeli
3 min readFeb 3, 2021


The mind-body connection is becoming clearer thanks to the approach of modern science. And, the connection between our thoughts and our emotions are also becoming better known. Research has shown a clear relationship between good emotions and a strong psychology.

The Vicious Cycle

Our thoughts and our emotions both form a circle that strengthens each other. Negative thoughts will create negative emotions, and the result of these emotions will then result in more negative thoughts. This forms a vicious pattern that is most clearly seen in people suffering from PTSD and other traumas. It is challenging for these people to break free, and if they don’t get the right support, it is easy for the events to keep repeating in their minds. People often forget that it’s the quality of our emotions that determines the quality of our lives. So what we focus on, we feel.

It is not often that you hear that emotions create our lives. So, the person who gets stuck in the vicious cycle of thinking about the past will constantly feel the same way.

Over time, people with PTSD heal to a certain degree. The best way to heal is with consistency because if people suffering from this type of challenge can focus their energies on things that they enjoy so that the memories fail to repeat themselves, the trauma will eventually lose some of their previous strength. Calming healing modalities work overtime to lighten these traumas gently. However, modern society is anything but healing.

On the other hand, healthy emotions are connected with success and powerful psychology. Happier people have more success and better interpersonal relationships. They have better concentration, memory, and social skills. It is far easier to succeed when you have a positive emotional framework as a foundation than to be struggling internally.

How to Manage The Relationship Between The Two?

Everybody needs to manage their thoughts and emotions better, and if someone tells you that they don’t, they probably lie about other things too. It takes some time, but there are proven ways to strengthen the connection between our thoughts and our emotions. These include:

1. Meditation
2. Mindfulness
3. Deep Communication
4. Creative Work

Meditation and mindfulness are methods where we simply observe what is happening inside and around us. We can observe how we feel, what we think, and how these thoughts stimulate certain emotions. We can focus on the touch of our body to any surfaces. We can focus on a specific sound… or our breath. We can focus on anything and yet engage with nothing. We just observe. Over time, if we focus on our thoughts, we can catch the negative thoughts before they gain too much momentum and ruin the whole day. Imagine the white cloud passing by during a beautiful sunny day. We just let it pass. We don’t keep staring at the cloud, right?

Speaking Out

Talking and sharing our story and how we truly feel is another powerful way where we work with a coach to document our view of life and gather further insights. The modern world has lost the connection to the community. People are often by themself, comparing themselves to the fake world of social media and a myriad of options that the world presents in front of us, making people believe that every decision they make is the wrong one or not good enough.

Creative Work Is About Self-Expression.

Suppose the person suffering from trauma can find what he/she is truly passionate about. In that case, they can channel the negative energy into something to share with the world. And all of a sudden, the “negative” becomes the driving force, and the trauma becomes the teacher.

Remember that no matter what, the secret to living is giving. Trauma can only persist when someone gets lost in their own destructive world or when a person labels itself a victim. But once the person finds their passion, which then might turn into their purpose, they will be able to turn the “mess” into their powerful message to the world. And that usually turns into one of those people and stories we often can’t stop listening to.



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