“We cannot put off living until we are ready…”

“We cannot put off living until we are ready…”

- José Ortega

A quick and good one for you…

I found this quote from José Ortega inside Johann Hari’s book “Stolen Focus”.

If you’re asking yourself who José Ortega is, until yesterday, I don’t know either…

So after some research, I found out that he was a Spanish philosopher whose philosophy has been described as a “philosophy of life.

The big idea behind this quote for me is that no matter how we’re doing in life, we should always remember that we cannot wait for life not to be hard anymore to be happy.

No matter what anyone says, the time to be happy is NOW!!

Wanna know why?

Because tomorrow never comes.

Here’s how this applies to us and life…

  • There will always be something or someone that will try to make you believe that life needs to be a certain way before you can be happy
  • Temptations to take shortcuts to be happy will often make happiness fade away…
  • As long as you keep trying to be happy, you will never be
  • You can be happy now… all you need to do is DECIDE
  • Happiness is not a destination; it’s a way of life

So, let’s put this into action:

  • Be mindful of the thoughts that want you to believe that you can’t be happy now
  • Look for what is already present in your life that you can be happy for
  • Write down three things you can be happy about right now
  • What could you do today to celebrate yourself for being happy?

Now, the question is not if this exercise will help you to feel happier… the question is if you will try it out!!

Oh, one more thing…

How serious are you about happiness?

If you’re serious about wanting to get closer to happiness even easier, drop what you’re doing and check out My Gratitude Journal and let me help you find happiness… today!! To claim your free copy of the journal… go to mygratitudejournal.me — My Gratitude Journal makes it easy for you to be happy without having to keep believing that you can’t be.



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