What Does Internal Chaos Look Like?

Rodolfo De Angeli
3 min readAug 23, 2020
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Is your overactive mind preventing you from experiencing peace and satisfaction? A lot of us suffer from the inability to be happy and joyful in our everyday lives. The reasons for inner chaos can be various and different for everyone. Still, they can often start off as a lack of meaning and lead to chronic unhappiness and a large number of other mental health struggles.

Chaos brings about uncertainty, fears, and inabilities, and is inevitable. Everyone experiences this. Life is crazy, hectic, and uncertain, and that only increases the chaos within us. With all of the outer chaos in today’s world that seems to bombard us at every second, finding peace between all the challenges thrown at us can seem impossible.

Living with internal turmoil can affect your life and wellbeing in many ways. It can cause you to lose focus and bog down your mind. It can cause stress and make day to day tasks more difficult. Internal chaos is the biggest cause of emotional and psychological distress.

This makes happiness and peace seem so much more out of reach, maybe even like a fairytale or something to strive for after retirement as you are soaking up the sun all day on your yacht.

But is this how life is supposed to be lived? You screaming at the top of your lungs, trying to dig yourself out of a hole but feel as if you are being buried by quicksand your whole life because something isn’t right, but you just don’t know what it is or why you feel this way?

Inner chaos is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness with ourselves as humans and the life we are living. But you are not alone! In our modern world, more and more people struggle with this than ever before.

Especially during these times. (mid-2020)

Perhaps you have tried to talk to someone about it and were told that this is just how life is. Being unhappy in some area of your life is normal, and that’s just the way it is, so accept it and move on. So, you try to accept it, but something inside you is picking and nagging, and no matter how hard you try, your mind just can’t remain calm.

Are you struggling with inner chaos? Is inner chaos preventing you from living a fulfilling life? You are not alone!

Here are 10 signs you struggle with inner chaos

  1. Your struggle with anxiety
  2. Your stress level is always through the roof
  3. You struggle with emotional eating
  4. You strive for perfection
  5. You don’t feel good enough
  6. You feel empty and lost
  7. You struggle with depression
  8. You judge others
  9. The world is out to get you
  10. You struggle with fatigue, pain, weight issues, gut issues, and/or sleeplessness

Do you find it difficult to experience peace and serenity? Inner chaos may be to blame. Fortunately, inner chaos is a factor we can control.

Practices like meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, and acceptance are a few techniques you can use while developing new and healthy habits to help you combat the feelings of inner chaos.

Not sure how to get started? A holistic health coach can help you sort out the areas in your life that are bothering you. Together, you will work towards taking practical and healthy steps to achieve a peaceful and calm mind and lifestyle you can truly enjoy.

If your inner chaos is chronic and out of control, a life coach could help guide you to the source of the issue and resolve it to help you find peace and calm.

What does inner chaos look like for you? How did you overcome your struggles and find peace and happiness in your life?

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